Why I do what I do

Jerry —  June 2, 2011 — 6 Comments

Consider this a medium-length answer to Tony Deiffel‘s marvelous question, wdydwyd?

It’s also an opinion on how to handle information overflow.

Throw in a dash of meditation on life, history and where we are now. See for yourself.

In the video, I mention Leibniz, Yin and Yang, Leonard Shlain’s book The Alphabet Versus the Goddess and Big History.

All sorts of gratitude to Jean Russell for the camera work.



6 responses to Why I do what I do

  1. Great summation Jerry!

    The sphere metaphor works well and feels intuitively accurate.

    Yes, we are definitely in a period of rebalancing. Count me in as a partner in making room for yin!

  2. Very helpful conceptualization – thanks. I’ve been working on a small-ball version of this, but I think it fits inside yours. Basically, I believe we are in the midst of a Kuhnian paradigm shift like in physics from Newton to Einstein. This one is from “free market economics” and a focus on the rational, self-serving, individual human actor to a more nuanced mix of economics/psychology/sociology that understands behavior as kind-of-rational, sort-of-self-serving, but often other-directed, hugely interconnected, often driven by fear, (and more). The result of the shift will be a greatly improved ability to understand our society and to engage constructively in facing our challenges. I think your leadership on the expedition is part of moving us forward. Keep marching.

  3. Jerry – brilliant! A great way to look at global consciousness, its underlying principles, and where we are on the arc of awakening. I like your comments on yin and yang in this video – these are the forces of complementarities and they require active conversation in order to give rise to creative, abundant output. They are the two forces of greatest importance in the world right now and you painted a clear, usable, and empowered picture of this. And a great statement for REX! Bravo!

  4. I like the sphere and much of the rest, but wonder if your yin/yang characterizations might be a bit overconcretized.

    (I also wonder how you get Jean to do all this camerawork! ;-)

  5. Thoughtful and hopeful. Thanks!

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