What I’ve learned from using my Brain

Jerry —  April 1, 2012 — 5 Comments

Recently I gave a talk at the Personal Digital Archiving conference, in which I described what I’ve learned from 15+ years of using TheBrain.

It was a really fun talk to give, both because everyone present is working on how to preserve our many-faceted personal information, and because my use of TheBrain has given me many insights.

For a quick intro to my Brain before you watch this, view this earlier post of mine here.

The projected Brain you see in the video isn’t that clear, for which I apologize. You can partly make up for that by tracking where I go from my online Brain, starting here.



5 responses to What I’ve learned from using my Brain

  1. What approaches do you use to input to your Brain? Do you carry your laptop around frequently and have it available for input? Do you use IOS devices to capture content and transfer to TheBrain? TheBrain is a PC/Mac program. Although there is an IOS version, my experience is that it doesn’t work that well. Carrying a computer is cumbersome, which limits my use of TheBrain.

  2. Hi Howard, and thanks for your great questions.

    At this point, I can’t really author with the iOS version of TheBrain, so as you say, I add thoughts when I’m in front of my Mac, which is a lot of the time.

    In general, I haven’t figured out how to live off an iPad or Nexus tablet full-time. I think we’re close, and I see many execs doing it, but for me there are still too many things I need a full laptop for — including feeding my Brain.

  3. Hey Jerry has anyone actually applied some unsupervised learning to this?

  4. Hi Sahil,

    Not as far as I know. Long ago, there was an API to TheBrain, so you could address it programmatically, though I don’t know any third parties who did. Now I don’t think there’s an API. Bummer, I know.

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