We’re waging war on those we want to trust us — and yes, it’s weird

Jerry —  February 12, 2014 — 1 Comment

Last week I was in Switzerland, first to run the “Future of the Customer” workshop I described earlier¬†(and will return to), then to attend and speak at LIFT14 in Geneva.

At LIFT, I dove into many of the topics that bubble out of the Relationship Economy: the language of advertising, minding our Commons, seeing the big picture and DFTBA.

Here’s my LIFT talk, plus some Q&A after:

Here’s the Prezi I created for the speech.



One response to We’re waging war on those we want to trust us — and yes, it’s weird

  1. Wow….. Jerry, this is awesome. The only thing you are missing is play. The essence of play is deep engagement. Mother Nature embedded play into our species (the most playful) as a survival drive, and when we dont play there are consequences. Addictive gaming is not play. It’s a sublimation of authentic play. Please do visit our website and contact me.

    We are onto it BIG… with a grounding in play neuroscience. We can transform the world through relationship and play.




    National Institute for Play

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