Not a Zombie alert: my Brain is in the App Store

Jerry —  January 19, 2015 — 2 Comments

Have you ever wanted to browse through the things one person cares about? Now you can.

For the past 17 years, pretty much every day, I’ve taken the things that flow by that are worth remembering and woven them into a giant concept map, using an app called TheBrain. I happen to have been a stop on the company’s first press tour 17 years ago. The moment I saw it, I realized that the way it looked on-screen was the way thoughts looked in my head — more or less.

So I started using TheBrain then, not knowing that this many years later I would be happily weaving more things into that same Brain file. At this point, there are more than a quarter million nodes in my Brain (called Thoughts), linked by more than 440,000 links. All entered by hand, the same way you would add a bookmark to your browser.

ipad-2048x1536-v04Now my Brain data is available as an iOS app, which means it’s portable and convenient. You can find it in the Apple Store here (link will launch iTunes; Android is a couple months away).

It’s an absolute hoot to see your face on an icon on someone’s home screen. It made me reflect also on how the rest of the app icons are inert and abstract: you never get the sense of a person behind them. Here you do, and I love it.

I’ve created a Facebook group for conversations about this Brain; you can read this post for more background. And please be in touch with your reactions and wishes. This is the start of a collaborative web of ideas and relationships that should just get better over time.



2 responses to Not a Zombie alert: my Brain is in the App Store

  1. andres garcia perez July 15, 2016 at 2:56 am

    Sorry, I may not be on the line. I just read an article of Mike Roberts that I can´t agreed more with him about finding ways to crack the consumist model of society.
    Now, I want to send him a book of my own that explains one such model (!?). It is catogued as Scence Fiction but is tinted of reality. Yo can see it at YouTube along a table game to which is attached. You can understand, by apperances regardless the language. Tic on: Juego del empleo.
    My name is Andres Garcia and the book: Los Ciborgs-El empleo en el siglo XXI
    Back to the first line, I wish to have the adresses of him (Mike) -and yours if you’re not bussy enough to read of others- to send my ideas to the nice people and issue you both are comitted. Thanks, By, by. Sorry I am not in the line of comments

  2. Hola, Andrés. Crecí en Lima y Buenos Aires, así que hablo español :)

    Gracias por tu mensaje. Encontré tu libro online y lo puse en mi Brain. No conozco a Mike Roberts. Mucha suerte en tu misión!

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