Announcing REXlab

REXlab is a curated, membership, think-and-do tank, focused on accelerating our shift to the Relationship Economy.

REXlab members build the answers to important questions, such as:
  • In these harsh economic times, what systems and practices lead to lasting job creation?
  • How might we rethink education? What new institutions and businesses might it need?
  • How can we help artists and designers build stable economic platforms that reward them for (open) creation?
  • How can we invent and make decisions in full consciousness?
  • Where is social media headed? What’s a better platform for productive collaboration?
We also tackle less ambitious things, all under the assumption that these projects will accelerate our flourishing in the Relationship Economy. Project ideas that resonate we call “REXy.”
REXlab is a workshop for creating more REXiness in the world. In it, you might find your tribe and your right livelihood — or like-minded people to be the crew for your REXy idea.
REXlab is the REXpedition’s global, virtual offer. It’s a fun, subversive, generative space that holds a lively online conversation among like-minded collaborators who get things done.Through REXlab, members develop their collective understanding of how today’s massive changes will play out, then walk that talk. In doing so, they help create and nurture the ventures and practices that will be necessary in that world.
If  this quest resonates with you, REXlab may help you answer all these questions. It may also open your thinking in useful, unexpected ways.
Jerry Michalski is REXlab’s spark. He’s a deeply experienced facilitator and guide to the bumpy and ever-fascinating interactions between technology, business and society.
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”– Alan Kay
Let’s do that. Together. Now.
To learn more, write Jerry. To apply now, please fill out this short form.