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REX is a think-and-do tank that helps leaders navigate massive change.

Our theory of change is the Relationship Economy.

At REX’s core is the private REX cohort, whose members are change agents from diverse industries.

The Relationship Economy depends on a healthy Commons. For a variety of ways to get involved with REX at no cost, check out the REX Commons, below.

REX’s spark and guide is Jerry Michalski.

The Private REX Cohort

The private REX cohort brings together like-minded people who agree with the Relationship Economy vision and want to help their organizations – and one another – thrive in that future. REX offers them a trusted private place to collaborate.

  • How we work: We meet twice a month by phone and twice a year in person. We have a private mailing list and wiki.
  • Who we are: REX members work at the Institute for the Future, Coca-Cola, the American Heart Association, Deloitte, the U.S. Department of State, a Hungarian startup and other organizations from across the globe. Diversity brings insights. Our functional departments and titles vary from marketing to strategy, from head of HR to COO.
  • What we get (and give): We dive into the Relationship Economy, play out its effects on industries and governments, and map ways to thrive amid those changes. We share what works and what doesn’t in our experiences. We co-author OpEds, position papers and presentations. We improve one another’s projects. We’re working our way toward designing startups.

The REX Commons

The public side of REX explores the Relationship Economy in a variety of open media, including:

  • The REXpedition blog, with its screencasts, braincasts, sketchcasts, videos and posts (subscribe to it by clicking the orange icon at the top right of this page);
  • The weekly Yi-Tan Tech Community Call, a free podcast series about change that started in 2004 (to get the weekly topic via email, add yourself to this mailing list); and
  • Jerry’s Brain, a freely browsable concept map built over the last 15 years, containing 190,000 interconnected nodes, each of which points to a concept, book, website or other item of note.

Joining REX

REX membership is by invitation. To set up an opening conversation, please click here (it will initiate an email to us).

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