Jerry’s Brain app: background and support page

Thank you for buying and installing the Jerry’s Brain app (if you haven’t yet but would like to, click here). This page should explain what you’ve gotten into and where to turn with questions or comments.

I did not create TheBrain app, nor am I in charge of the servers or the App Store side. For technical issues (if the app won’t load, server is down, refresh is sluggish) please email For questions of content and process, you’re in the right place.

First, some important things you should know:

  • Jerry’s Brain is an experiment, one person’s visual journal, not a professionally published database. The data in this Brain are not complete or authoritative, they’re a snapshot over time of my perspective on everything. The errors and omissions are mine. So are the opinions.
  • This Brain only works when you have an Internet connection. The app is making a live connection to my Brain file on the Brain server online. This is inconvenient on a plane, but it means you’re always getting fresh data as I update it.
  • Jerry’s Brain may not be satisfying to use on standard smartphones. There can be a lot of text on-screen. On tablets it’s wonderful; on phablets satisfying.
  • Just because a person is listed in my Brain doesn’t mean I know them personally. It just means I’ve heard of them and found them worth remembering.
  • I’m always looking to improve my Brain, so please do send updates and suggestions to me here.

You can learn a bunch more by watching this short intro to my Brain. If that leaves you curious, here’s a half-hour talk with many more insights, though the on-screen Brain there is hard to read.

My Brain is always accessible freely through your desktop browser at, but that version doesn’t work well on other devices.


What is this software?

Jerry’s Brain is built on PersonalBrain, PC/Mac/Linux software created by TheBrain, a company based in Los Angeles. You can create your own Brain by installing and buying the app, here. It’s the most compelling mind-mapping app I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many.

Who are you?

In December 1997, when I first saw PersonalBrain, I was a technology industry analyst, and it was my job to interview startups like this one. I was immediately struck by how well PersonalBrain modeled what was happening in my onboard wet brain. I started using it then and continue using it every day. In fact, the file you’re looking at in Jerry’s Brain is the very same one I started back in 1997.

Over time, I became an advisor to TheBrain and now hold some shares in the company

I’m no longer an industry analyst; now I run a think-and-do tank that I founded in 2010. You’ll find a more recent bio here.

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been curating my Brain for 17 years, always with dual purposes in mind: 1) remember things I find noteworthy, and 2) share things others might find useful. For some time, I’ve published my Brain online openly, which has generated many fun insights and personal connections. The Jerry’s Brain app is a natural extension of that energy.

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  1. Thank you!!!awesome opportunity!

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