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The public side of REX — this blog and the various materials that weave into it — is a conversation about what a Relationship Economy means to individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Here, we’ll compare this thesis to others, take the thesis deep into different sectors of the world economy, explore its many layers and possibilities (such as the relationship between the commercial economy and gift exchange, between scarcity and value, and between what is paid and what is free), and gradually make it more tangible.

There’s also a private REXpedition, a membership cohort that I convene and facilitate. This group will pursue aspects of the Relationship Economy thesis that it finds most compelling, shaping them and testing them in the real world. Occasionally, this group will run experiments or build prototypes, bringing to life some of the entities and services that are needed so we can all thrive in the Relationship Economy.

This video is my brief explanation of the REXpedition as a whole, with its complementary public and private sides.

If you’re interested in joining the private REXpedition, please contact me directly. If you’re interested in this quest generally, just follow this blog.

For 12+ years, I’ve been pouring data into a concept mapping app called PersonalBrain — into the same, single data file. So when I add a bookmark or a concept, I’m adding it to a rich context.

I’ve been able to publish my Brain online for a while, but I haven’t done much with it or blogged much about it. I just keep adding “thoughts” to it, and it keeps getting more and more useful.

So I’ll be using screencasting software to start telling stories while showing things in my Brain. Call them “braincasts.”

That said, here’s REXcast #3, the debut braincast. I recorded at the highest resolution I could for YouTube, so you’ll want to play it full-screen, at the highest resolution setting.

You can find my Brain online, at Here’s a link to the Brain Function thought I showed in the braincast.

The stream of nuggets, narratives and points of view that I’ll start issuing from here are all the public part of REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition.

The private side of REX is a collaborative inquiry into the next economy, which I’m guiding. If you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more about it live.

These REXcasts are a way of developing the notion of a Relationship Economy in public, in a fun, accessible, re-usable way. I’ll try to keep each episode under the magical four-minute mark, as in this one:

This REXcast mentions:

I’ll be using a variety of media in the REXcasts, including talking-head videos (like this episode), sketchcasts (my voice plus my hands and whatever I draw, as I did last episode), screencasts (my voice plus a recording of what’s on my PC screen) and Braincasts (my voice plus a traversal of my Brain; coming soon).

Gratitude: again, special thanks to Loraine Bjorendahl for her help and inspiration in creating this REXcast.

This sketchcast is the first nugget in a series of nuggets comprising the REXcast. (I’ll explain REXcasts in the next video.) Nuggets should make more sense to you once you’ve watched the video:

As you might imagine, in these REXcasts I will occasionally string nuggets together to form narratives, assembling a broader point of view. (For a sneak peek at my point of view, check out this thought in my online Brain — and yes, I’ll be doing some Braincasting, as well.)

I encourage you to join me.

In this sketchcast, I mention:

An afterthought: Nuggets and narratives aren’t mutually exclusive. You may treat a full narrative as a nugget. Longer works like books and documentaries represent entire points of view, but you might refer to one as a nugget. If it were easier to point directly to a particular paragraph in a book or clip in a video, that might better define the actual nugget you mean. For now, we’ll work with what we have on hand.

Gratitude: special thanks to Loraine Bjorendahl for her help and inspiration in creating this sketchcast.