Fiona’s quest for parking

Howdy, If you’re on this page, chances are you’re a friend and you live in San Francisco. Perhaps you or someone you know has two other traits: curiosity about classic cars (especially sassy convertibles!) and a spare indoor parking spot.

I'm the guy with the cap

Here’s the sitch. Fiona is a delightful 1962 Sunbeam Alpine I bought in 1998. (And yes, one of the things April and I have in common is that we’ve always named our vehicles.)

Because our building has no garage, Fiona occupies a rented garage spot a block from us that costs, annually, roughly what Fiona would fetch on the market. Ouch. We drive Fiona some, but not a lot.

If only there were a burgeoning movement to share idle resources around the world… hmmm.

I tried submitting Fiona to, but hit two snags: she has no electronic door locks (if you have a chance to see her this will make you giggle) and she’s old and odd enough that Getaround’s insurance policy can’t cover her. This post is the DIY version of the same process.

I’d love to find someone with curiosity for (or experience with) classic cars who could put Fiona up in their garage, drive her at will and wouldn’t mind my occasional visit to take her for a spin. Proximity to Noe Valley a big plus, but not a necessity.

If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please email me

Classic cars are a little more complicated to drive than more recent models, but they overcome those handicaps with sheer cuteness. Observe:

Just for fun, here’s James Bond in the same car in Dr. No. And Get Smart, too (the original).

Again, if you’d like to foster-parent Fiona, or know anyone who might, please contact me and I’ll hop into action. Thank you!