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This sketchcast is the first nugget in a series of nuggets comprising the REXcast. (I’ll explain REXcasts in the next video.) Nuggets should make more sense to you once you’ve watched the video:

As you might imagine, in these REXcasts I will occasionally string nuggets together to form narratives, assembling a broader point of view. (For a sneak peek at my point of view, check out this thought in my online Brain — and yes, I’ll be doing some Braincasting, as well.)

I encourage you to join me.

In this sketchcast, I mention:

An afterthought: Nuggets and narratives aren’t mutually exclusive. You may treat a full narrative as a nugget. Longer works like books and documentaries represent entire points of view, but you might refer to one as a nugget. If it were easier to point directly to a particular paragraph in a book or clip in a video, that might better define the actual nugget you mean. For now, we’ll work with what we have on hand.

Gratitude: special thanks to Loraine Bjorendahl for her help and inspiration in creating this sketchcast.